Saw | 21700


every tube will be sold with 2 random colored LED bulbs!

Introducing the most versatile, customizable 21700 !

Need a Tube that packs a punch? With this thick tube design and large 21700 low rider housing assembly, you will notice that this tube is an untamed beast! The internal tube is one solid piece, with threads externally under the vent holes for various sleeve options to screw on to.

  • Assembled with smooth copper 21700¬†lowrider housing + copper Collector Series button.
  • Compatible with 21700, 20700, 20650 and 18650 batteries.

Recommended 21700 batteries:
Samsung 30T 35A Flat Top 3000mAh

Recommended 20700 batteries:
IJOY 40A 3000mAh

Recommended 20650 batteries (additional XL donut contact required):
LG DBHG6 (blue) 30A 3000mAh
Sanyo A (red) 30A 3100mAh

Recommended 18650 batteries (additional XL donut contact required):
Samsung 20S 30A 2000mAh
Sony VTC4 30A 2100mAh
Sony VTC5A 25A 2600mAh

Compatible with all Saw sleeves.